It’s been magic, hasn’t it? Some are saying that this blatant RNC attempt to get someone younger and more vital than Turncoat Joe Lieberman on the ticket will be over by Friday. And here’s the latest, culled from (that website that was the first in the Lower 48 to even really hear about Caribou [...]

Barack Mohammed Sirhan Hussein Obama threatens the universe and God himself: 5 reasons why

Watching the smearing of Barack Obama online has been edifying, and now we have a list of the five most stupid Obama smears of this campaign. Enjoy, if that’s the right word.

Outside Lands Festival: “Take the money and run, take the money and run.”

The Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on Friday (Aug. 22) night taught important lessons: Never invite 5 million people to a party. Ecological festivals means biodegradable cups for $11 glasses of zinfandel. It also means one parked electric car everyone will marvel at, as if it was the display model in a Soviet department [...]

A Spam Poem by The Internet

Lay waste to the doubters. Master the art of deception! Erase the memories of the defeat. Find out what lies beneath. Alter your destiny with one move. Be more protected; take your life-jacket here. Rediscover your intimate life! Don’t put your health at stake. All your nights will be filled with love!  You will [...]

We were ugly, and our mothers dressed us funny

Hideous polyester relics of the Lemon Frog* shop. Warning: These images from the 1973 Sears catalogue are not for the sensitive, or for those who are eating. *How to make the name of your swinging psychedelic boutique, band or disco: combine fruit or other form of food with animal. Example: Grapefruit Wombat, Pineapple Tapeworm, Tangelo [...]

Lost “Sheep”

On my Netflix queue, the new DVD of the long-unavailable, mired-in-music-rights-disputes Killer of Sheep has apparently slipped into “Very Long Wait” status. WTF?

I’m so glad I’ve got TCM in my crib. The greatest non-porno, non-sports cable channel ever will air Killer of Sheep twice (as part of a Charles Burnett festival) on Mon., Jan. 21. [...]

Projection Anxiety

Does anybody else have as much trouble with theater projection as I do? I generally go to theaters in the Santa Cruz area, and almost every time, there is something wrong. The sound drops out; the film stops before the end; the picture is out of frame top or bottom (with that annoying black line [...]

“I drink your milkshake.”

It’s not funny anymore. Not that it was funny in the first place. I just got an email from the publicist of There Will Be Blood asking me to note the “milkshake” phenom. Rather than that, I’d prefer to be in advance of the milkshake backlash, or, if you will, shakelash.