Cleo Moore Double-Bill

A review of two new film noir releases on DVD: “Over-Exposed” with Cleo Moore and “Women’s Prison” with Ida [...]

New Film Noir Classic Collection on Warner Home Video

A good day for film noir fans, as Warner Home Video announced the coming release of Film Noir Classic Collection, Volume 5, with eight digitally remastered titles in the offing.

The package includes Corner (1945, with Dick Powell; Desperate (1947), starring Steve Brodie and directed by Anthony Mann; The Phenix City Story (1955), a ripped-from-the-headlines crime [...]

The Green Glove—Glenn Ford in B&W

We know that the glove is green thanks to the title and some lurid imagery on the DVD jacket, which makes it look like Glenn Ford’s hand is being consumed by a snake demon that slithered across the Channel from Hammer Studios. The film, however, is in B&W, so all the references to the fabulously hued relic fall a bit [...]

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington—at the Stanford Theatre

The Spring repertory season begins Saturday at Palo Alto’s Stanford theater with some very familiar and a bit of a rarity. One wonders which way Frank Capra’s populist rant against the Senate cuts today? Does it inspire or infuriate Tea Baggers?

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/Come Live With Me

(1939/1941) A Boy Ranger leader named Mr. Smith [...]

We have all the time in the world

(above: the coat of arms of the Bleauchamps; like Richard III, Blofeld has a swine on his shield.)

Charles Helftenstein of just did a book (with some trace amounts of source material from me) about the 007 movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969); remembered by the public as the one with that Australian git [...]

Gun Crazy Redux

Anthony Lane of The New Yorker isn’t the only one to have rewatched Gun Crazy recently. As Lane commented appropos 3-D movies in the March 8 issue, Joseph H. Lewis’ “bad-couple thriller” “felt considerably more dangerous and less dated than most of the new releases.” He was lucky enough to see a new print on [...]

Important Showgirls Update

I’m always glad to be on the receiving end of breaking-news press releases from forgotten movie actresses. Hence my extreme pleasure in learning that Rena Riffel, who played Penny Hope in the one-and-only Showgirls has stepped forward to set the record straight on the various long-hoped-for sequels to the Joe Eszterhas/Paul Verhoeven ecdysiastic classic.

Riffel warns [...]

Cinequest 2/27

So Nancy Kwan will be showing up in San Jose for tonight’s world premiere of the documentary on her life: To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey; and she’ll be there for the subsequent screening on Sunday at 7. There are some elders who still refer to the dress that Cantonese call a cheong-sam, [...]

Dog Days of Fall

Just watched 1948 musical oddity On an Island With You, about an aquatic movie star (Esther Williams) making a film on location in Hawaii. A young Navy lieutenant (Peter Lawford) has a crush on her, and hopes to pry her loose from her matinee-idol boyfriend (Ricardo Montalban). The picture requires that blonde Williams appear in [...]

Manny Farber dies, 91

So much of film criticism in 2008 is the blind leading the lame, so the loss of the long-retired but not forgotten Manny Farber is just one more bad indicator, as they say in the financial world. Got to meet the man once; he was hard of hearing and it was a [...]