Delon and Fonda in ‘Joy House’

Days of Delon

It’s been a good summer for Alain Delon; first came a five-film set from Lionsgate (reviewed here), followed by Le Choc as part of Lionsgate’s Catherine Deneuve set (read review). The latest reissue comes from Koch-Lorber.


Editors Onscreen

Always on the lookout for cinematic portrayals of the oft-maligned newspaper editor, I was pleased to see 1948′s That Wonderful Urge (part of a great new 10-film set of Tyrone Power movies from 20th Century Fox). As the rapscallionesque scandal reporter Tom-Tom Tyler, Power bedevils Duffy (vet character actor Lloyd Gough) at the New York [...]

Another Tarantino Influence?

Waded through To Please a Lady, a tedious 1950 romance about a race-car driver (Clark Cable) and a high-powered newspaper and radio columnist (Barbara Stanwyck), on the apparently mistaken notion that any movie with Stanwyck in it is worth watching. (Why is this turkey available on DVD while All I Desire and There’s Always Tomorrow [...]

Reporter’s Revenge

Sometimes, even the cheesiest ’50s sci-fi can benefit from some snappy writing. Cast in point gleaned while watching a two-fer DVD of The Giant Claw and The Creature With the Atom Brain. The former features lame special effects—a flying turkey pupper—and pedestrian dialogue. The Creature With the Atom Brain, however, thanks to some attention from [...]

The Other Huston

Most of the reviewers mentioned John Huston when describing Daniel Day-Lewis’ oilman megalomaniac in There Will Be Blood. But maybe the movie would have been better if Day-Lewis had modeled himself on the other family actor, Walter Huston, John’s father.

Witness Huston the elder in The Furies (1950), his last [...]



One night it’s Christian botheration (see entry below on The List), the next night it’s Santeria exploitation. My Netflix queue will soon be in need of an exorcist—perhaps Udo Kier’s wacky padre from Dario Argento’s The Mother of Tears is available.

Anyway, this brings us to The Possession of Joel Delaney, a weird [...]

Kim Novak, Beyond Vertigo

All hail, Vertigo, which premiered 50 years ago this May and remains one of the greatest movies ever made. Although the film was supposedly a disappointment at the box office, it clearly influenced a few films of the time. There’s Portrait in Black, for instance, from 1960, with Lana Turner driving around San Francisco in [...]

Edward G. Robinson Explains It All

KFJC-FM 89.7′s may fling is called Mayhem (which runs through May 19 at the Los Altos station), which is when the DJs play whatever they feel like. I keep the station glued to it, even if some of the programs are a little greater in concept than they are in practice. A program on “Pretty [...]

Gloria Grahame: Bad Girl So Good

Nice piece in Bright Lights about icon of film noir Gloria Grahame. While the author denigrates her performance in Oklahoma (perhaps because it invalidates the thesis of doom) this is a devoted—perhaps slightly lascivious—account of the career of one of the genuine bad girls. Meanwhile, over at there’s an account of 1952′s The Sniper, a recently rereleased (to [...]

You Only Live Twice Still Masterpiece, Declares Former 11-Year-Old boy

The Simpsons last night referenced You Only Live Twice (in one of those weird boomerang plots that the writers come up with when they don’t have enough material for one episode) with a hollow volcano from where Mr. Burns was trying to launch a missile. My brother, Rodger, and I were nudging each other at Speed [...]