Look for it on DVD!

Having waded through a lot of bad DVDs lately (Lionsgate has some serious karma to deal with; and when I’m fully recovered we will discuss the magnificent low-budgetness of Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Guest), I have settled on my favorite new euphemim: “Look for it on DVD!” Roughly translated, that means: “…’cause you’ll never, ever find [...]

Frame Job

Desperate to find something to watch, I went all Southern Drive-in on my Netflix queue and ordered up 1975′s Framed, directed by and starring the Walking Tall team of director Phil Karlson and Joe Don Baker. How bad could it be? After all, Karlson made a couple of top-notch [...]

Editors Onscreen

Always on the lookout for cinematic portrayals of the oft-maligned newspaper editor, I was pleased to see 1948′s That Wonderful Urge (part of a great new 10-film set of Tyrone Power movies from 20th Century Fox). As the rapscallionesque scandal reporter Tom-Tom Tyler, Power bedevils Duffy (vet character actor Lloyd Gough) at the New York [...]

Revenge! Revenge for Juno!!

Juno what, homeskillet? The Juno backlash is finally taking over, and we were here first! Most recently, this script from the resurgent Cracked.com (“Crimson River Abortion Clinic, may I help you?” “Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t think you heard me. I’m talking on a HAMBURGER PHONE! How zany is that!”) This parody script also [...]

Tabloid Journalism, ’30s Style

The Warner Bros. comedy Picture Snatcher (1933), with Jimmy Cagney, now out on a extras-filled DVD from Warner Home Video, is as fresh and breezy as the day it came out—full of cocksure posturing, rat-a-tat slangy dialogue and plenty [...]

Black History Minute

While writing this listing for the indie horror flick The Signal on Metroactive’s movie reviews index page, I snuck in a jab at VH1:

This horror flick is about strange broadcasts that drive viewers insane. Yeah, too many VH1 marathons of ‘I Love New York’ and ‘Flavor of Love’ will do that to you. Oh and [...]

Election Ads—Old School

I’ve been avoiding campaign ads for the sake of my mental health, but I did run across an amazing political artifact in the fascinating new DVD collection Saved From the Flames (Flicker Alley). This compilation of nitrate-stock oddities includes Hell-Bent for Election, a 12-minute pro-FDR cartoon from 1944, animated by none other than Chuck Jones [...]

“Give us a kiss”: Favorite Roy Scheider moments

The Feb. 10 death of the underappreciated and dependable Roy Scheider has made me want to retrieve my DVD copy of Jaws (which I stupidly left behind at my parents’ house after I moved out), just to rewatch my favorite sequence. It doesn’t even involve the shark at all. It’s one of the quieter parts [...]

Wesley Snipes Hunting

Somehow, the Wesley Snipes bank-robber villain in the 2005 Jason Statham/Ryan Phillippe action-pic Chaos (coming out on DVD this month) seems strangely prophetic. Perhaps Snipes’ Lorenz character is masterminding a clever heist because he needs the money to pay off his … back taxes. Yes, Snipes, noted believer in the sky-in-the-pie-chart theory that the income tax [...]

Closure—Do Not Open

The trailer for the 2007 British film Closure (a.k.a. Straightheads in the U.K.) made it look like a decent revenge story, so I bite on the DVD (I don’t think it got U.S. theatrical release). My mistake. This grindhouse version of Brave One is an extremely nasty-minded tale about a British woman (Gillian Anderson) and [...]