Watching Watchmen

Smooth as Silk: Malin Akerman in ‘Watchmen’

(Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)

Nocturnal Proclivities

Watchmen: the most divisive film since they buried Kubrick.

By Richard von Busack

IN 2009, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ clock is set at 5 minutes to midnight; the famous graph is used to [...]

Corpse Run at Cinequest

Corpse Run is an entertaining coming-of-age movie about a group of PC gamers. It’s a low-budget Reality Bites, with a lot more beautiful people then you would expect see playing video games 24/7. Director and writer John-Michael Thomas creatively uses random inserts of game modes, voice-overs and the Windows blue screen of death to keep [...]

Retail Therapy

Bad Credit
Isla Fisher goes shopping in ‘Confessions,’ but the joke falls flat in broke economy
FROM THE POSTERS for [i]Confessions of a Shopaholic[/i], Isla Fisher looks like Amy Adams’ twin sister. Up-close, she’s a stranger creature, nearer to Lucille Ball. In slow-mo, director P.J. Hogan shows off Fisher’s prodigious jiggle-power. It isn’t the same as glamour, [...]

Golden Globes Wrap

Tipsier, blousier and with more cleavage than the Oscars, the 65-year-old Golden Globe awards went on with its show last night. The telecast faced tight competition from Jack Bauer and the ladies of Wisteria Lane. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association ceremony is best known as the group unhampered by having to decide whether comedy [...]

Twilight: the hell-rant

You want to tread with care when you’re treading on the dreams of young girls, but by God, that pitiless fountain of Mormon gibberish Stephenie Meyer is a bad writer, so bad she’s apparently unable to spell her own first name. An English BA at BYU doesn’t keep you from writing sentences [...]

I’ve Loved You So Long

I’ve Loved You So Long

(PG-13; 115 min.) It takes serious talent to make depression andguilt look interesting, and Kristin Scott Thomas has this talent in abundance.Her Juliette has just been released from a French prison after 15 years. Shehas come to live with her estranged sister, Léa (a poised and beautiful [...]

The Zombie Doctrine

I just caught up with Zombie Strippers, the last great anti-Bush statement of our national nightmare years.

The basic gimmick (“They’re zombies. They’re strippers. No, they’re zombie strippers!”) is more than enough to carry a exploitation horror movie, but director Jay Lee added some tart political satire to the tale. Seems that the zombie virus is [...]

Bush to Judgment


‘W.’: from hollaback boy to the White House in three decades

AS THEY used to say about Nixon: at least he kept our boys out of Northern Ireland. Going from Alexander the Great to George W. Bush is a diminuendo for any tale teller. W. is an oddly cautious movie [...]

Buzz a While—Secret Life of Bees Wastes Good Cast

The Secret Life of Bees
(PG-13; 110 min.) In 1964 a young white girl (Dakota Fanning) escapes her violent, hateful, redneck father (Paul Bettany) and hides out with three African-American sisters (Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo), who make honey for a living. Based on Sue Monk Kidd’s 2002 novel, the film has the benefit [...]

Can a Conservative Comedy Be Funny?


An American Carol

(PG-13; 83 min.) If its technique matched its aim, this erstwhile comedy would have been one of the most repulsive films ever made. But director David Zucker is a yucksmith first and a new-minted conservative [...]