Square Pegg in a Round Movie

Pegg enjoys dinner with Megan Fox—who wouldn’t? Photo by Kerry Brown 

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

(R; 110 min.) Simon Pegg stars as Sidney Young, a scrappy, abrasive British entertainment journalist who is invited to join the staff of a big time New York magazine, run by [...]

Dog Days of Fall

Just watched 1948 musical oddity On an Island With You, about an aquatic movie star (Esther Williams) making a film on location in Hawaii. A young Navy lieutenant (Peter Lawford) has a crush on her, and hopes to pry her loose from her matinee-idol boyfriend (Ricardo Montalban). The picture requires that blonde Williams appear in [...]

Everybody Into the ‘Poole’

Henry Poole Is Here

(PG; 100 min.) Squishy drama that compacts three terrible genres: the terminal-illness movie, the leap-of-faith movie and the “lost boy” indie movie about a man in pursuit of his inner child. (Luke Wilson, in the title role, has been pursuing that self-same inner child longer and in more movies [...]

A Corker of a Film—Bottle Shock

(This probably isn’t coming to a theater near you, but just in case)

Bottle Shock

(PG-13; 110 min.) Helicopter shots of Napa, Glen Ellen and parts of Sonoma County are the highlights of this fictionalized comedy about the 1976 French blind tasting that established California wine as an international force. The feuding father-and-son team [...]

Who watches the Watchmen parody?

You, hopefully. The more times you’ve pored over the coming attractions for The Watchmen (bundled on The Dark Knight), the funnier this will seem.

The fat man sings re: The Clone Wars

Since Lucasfilm requested the pulling of Harry “Ain’t It Cool” Knowles’ review from the famous geek website, Knowles’ long wail of outrage isn’t going to be up until Friday. So good thing that HollywoodNewsroom.com posted it, then. For the time being, the text is up here, but they can’t embargo the gist of the thing which is: [...]

Breaking News: An Australian hated ‘The Dark Knight’

Here’s proof of this shocking revelation! Rory Gibson, weekend editor of the Courier-Post, a newspaper in a place called Brisbane (not the real Brisbane in San Mateo County, but one they claim to have in the antipodes). Anyway, this so-called Gibson claims he fell asleep during The Dark Knight. He’s not the real film reviewer [...]

It’s Time Somebody Stopped Judd Apatow

SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES  Seth Rogen (left) and

James Franco have fun with dope in ‘Pineapple Express.’


‘Pineapple Express’ goes up in smoke

THE CLASSIC black-and-white Columbia Lady logo turns up at the beginning of Pineapple Express, and you could hope that a Three [...]

Kabluey Thoughts

(Photo credit: Noah Rosenthal)

Big Blue

Kabluey: A likable but strained odd-duck comedy from Texas

Review by Richard von Busack 

JOINING THE ROSTER of oddly named comedies (Zotz!, The Twonky and Phffft), the made-in-Texas indie Kabluey seems inspired by the early Coen brothers. Director, [...]

Dueling Critics

Having listened to outtakes of Siskel and Ebert bitching at each other, I was pleased to discover Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, two hip, passionate but very funny and self-deprecating film critics who have a weekly show on BBC radio (you can find the podcast on iTunes or go to BBC site). They are smart enough to [...]