Lost: “Ji Yeon”

On the latest installment of Lost, a long-missing 815er finally resurfaces, Jin reacts badly to the revelation of his pregnant wife Sun’s pre-island affair with Jae Lee—but Jin ultimately decides to be the forgiving Silda to Sun’s Eliot Spitzer—and the implied fate of one of the most likable 815ers must have caused shippers of a [...]

Lost: “The Other Woman”

This week, Lost flashes back to the time when Ray Parker Jr. recorded his biggest pre-”Ghostbusters” hit.

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Lost: “The Constant”

In my recap of Lost‘s fourth episode of season four, “Eggtown,” I speculated about physicist Daniel Faraday‘s odd behavior. He wept while watching news footage of a submerged plane alleged to be Oceanic 815, and when he later arrived on the island with the team sent to capture Ben Linus, he suffered from temporary memory [...]

“Daddy Zach”

There are people who regard Lost in Space as the worst thing that ever happened to science fiction television, and yet night after night me and the frau have been captivated by the antics of interstellar yellow-belly Dr. Zachary Smith, played by the one and only Jonathan Harris.

For three seasons in the late 1960s, Smith [...]

Lost: “Eggtown”

What the hell does that episode title mean?

At first, I thought this Kate-centric ep’s title was referring to the freckled hottie’s pregnancy scare from last season—and this ep does resume the soapy “Is Kate carrying Sawyer’s baby?” thread—but according to Lostpedia, an “eggtown” is Depression-era slang for a shitty deal. And oh, was Lost loaded [...]

Black History Minute

While writing this listing for the indie horror flick The Signal on Metroactive’s movie reviews index page, I snuck in a jab at VH1:

This horror flick is about strange broadcasts that drive viewers insane. Yeah, too many VH1 marathons of ‘I Love New York’ and ‘Flavor of Love’ will do that to you. Oh and [...]

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition—except the Bush Adminstration

Monty Python once riffed on the catchphrase “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.” What was funny on the Flying Circus doesn’t seem so amusing after Steven G. Bradbury, who serves in an acting capacity in the Office of Legal Counsel for the Justice Department, testified before Congress about how the administration keeps tabs on “rough interrogation” [...]

Lost: “The Economist”

“The day I start trusting him is the day I will have sold my soul.” – Sayid

Maybe I should do that from now on: open each Lost recap with a meaningful, ominous or ironic quote from the episode as if Lost were The Wire.

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Go With the Stanford Low Flow

I stopped watching Seinfeld reruns after I’d seen every episode at least 10 times. But the Seinfeld moments keep coming. Recently, for instance, students at Stanford revolted against new low-flow shower heads in their dorm rooms. Forgetting for any thoughts of being environmentally conscious, think back to the Seinfeld “Shower Head” Episode of 1996. [...]

Lost: “Confirmed Dead”

According to Sawyer’s nickname generator at Lost‘s official site, my nickname is “Metro” (which also happens to be the name of this blog’s parent company). I’m also known as “Pud” and “Stubby.”

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