Nip/Tuck hopes you ready for the next episode

Some really awesome music has turned up on my favorite shows this week. During the latest episode of The Wire, the newly unretired Omar and his older partner, Donnie (played by former stick-up man Donnie Andrews, the real-life inspiration for Omar), chillaxed to R&B oldies like the Temps’ “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” [...]

Lost: “The Beginning of the End”

The Lost season 4 premiere opens with L.A.’s favorite pastime, a high-speed chase. A nattily dressed man whose face is unseen returns home from work to watch a red Camaro outrun the po-po live on TV. He mixes himself a screwdriver.

We know this teaser is a flash-forward because the season 3 finale, “Through the Looking [...]

Lost: “Through the Looking Glass” (textual healing edition)

This is the first of the Metroactive arts blog’s weekly recaps of Lost and its abbreviated-by-the-strike fourth season. But instead of kicking off this series of recaps with tonight’s season premiere, “The Beginning of the End” (hey, that’s the same title as that Peter Graves/giant grasshopper movie MST3K once riffed on—is this a clue that [...]

Slings & Arrows

I’m not done yet with the three seasons of the Canadian comedy Slings & Arrows (set for release on DVD in early February), but I am ready to call it one of the best TV comedies ever. This look at the all-round ego-fest that is the fictional New Burbage Theatre Festival combines the best of [...]

Black Books—London’s most horrible book store

Used to be, every urban core had—along with its roughneck bars and irreplaceable thrift stores—a kind of used bookstore that needed the motto, “Nothing In this Shop Is Actually for Sale.” In this age of Alibris and Amazon, I would have thought they were all extinct, but there’s at least one left in Berkeley, as [...]

Breaking Bad: Mmm, meth!

The original series department over at AMC (Alleged Movie Classics) had a major breakthrough last year with Mad Men, and it looks like it has another winner on its hands with Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston, who frequently stole scenes on Malcolm in the Middle (remember Hal’s roller disco act?), is at his tragicomic best as [...]

Freaks and Geeks

On Jan. 20, the SF Sketchfest hosted a panel discussion called ”Freaks and Geeks Speak,”which they claim is the most populous reunion to date of the short-lived but intensely loved TV series, Freaks and Geeks.

The afternoon show was moderated by comedian Patton Oswalt, who did a fine job keeping the ball rolling and tried as [...]

“It might be malig-nant”: When good actors pretend to be crappy ones

The breakout performance in last spring’s little-seen, wildly funny indie movie The TV Set belongs not to its star, recent Golden Globe winner David Duchovny (although in The TV Set, he’s pitch-perfect as a frustrated Hollywood scriptwriter), but to an unknown actor named Fran Kranz.

Loosely based on writer/director Jake Kasdan’s own experiences in the TV [...]

Does Walter Murch ever watch The Wire?

One particular element of The Wire—my favorite show—that I love as much as the writing, the acting and music supervisor Blake Leyh’s choices of diagetic music is the textured sound design. It’s an often unheralded element that’s as integral to the show as the novelistic writing (authors like Richard Price and George Pelecanos are part [...]