Alternative Alternative Movies

Since the LA Weekly made it as a cameo location in Rise: Blood Hunter, I wonder how many movies about the alternative press there are. I can only think of Joan Micklin Silver’s 1977 comedy Between the Lines, about a Boston paper very much like the Phoenix. Most memorable moment: the paper’s rock critic (Jeff [...]

Steve Carell—Antichrist

Having heard that Dan in Real Life had some redeeming values, I checked the screener DVD last night. Whenever I saw the flashing warning “Do Not Copy,” I started yelling at the screen, “So Do Not Copy Little Miss Sunshine, then!” Bad. Real bad. Derisory. You expect Carell to act like an idiot, but even [...]

Screen Hacks

Suddenly, being an investigate reporter is the hot new cinema occupation. Halle Berry plays a star investigative reporter at a vague New York tabloid in Perfect Stranger. In the straight-to-DVD Rise: Blood Hunter, Lucy Liu writes exposés for the LA Weekly (whose building serves for one location shot). Her latest triumph for the alternative press, [...]

The Rocket and Performance Enchancers

Listening to Roger Clemens claim that all he ever injected was Lidocaine and vitamin B-12 reminded me of a famous line from Performance, the 1970 classic of sex, drugs and rock & roll starring Mick Jagger. In the scene in question, reclusive rock star Turner’s (Jagger) girlfriend Pherber (Anita Pallenberg) prepares to shoot [...]