Movie Vehicles at Cinequest 2008

They often call movies “vehicles,” and the point was driven home Friday evening (Feb. 29) on Day 3 of this year’s Cinequest film festival in downtown San Jose. For the premiere showing of  Sherman’s Way, a comedy about a California road trip in a classic MGB convertible, some cherry examples of the lead roadster [...]

Cinequest 2008, San Jose—Enlightened Blood

Talk about Jumper. In the Mexican feature Enlightened Blood (La Sangre Iluminada), which played Friday, Feb. 29, at Cinequest in San Jose, some kind of cosmic nose bleed sends characters careening into the bodies—and lives—of complete strangers. With both the memories of past lives and all the cares, joys and woes of new lives, they [...]

Lost: “The Constant”

In my recap of Lost‘s fourth episode of season four, “Eggtown,” I speculated about physicist Daniel Faraday‘s odd behavior. He wept while watching news footage of a submerged plane alleged to be Oceanic 815, and when he later arrived on the island with the team sent to capture Ben Linus, he suffered from temporary memory [...]

Film History—Citizen Kane Still Counts

We are not usually interested in what film critics outside are up to. That’s their business. But Mick LaSalle‘s confession in the Sunday (Feb. 24) San Francisco Chronicle that he had never seen Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey was a bit staggering. How could you write about films for a living and [...]

Cinequest 2008 Documentaries—Mardik Martin

Some excellent documentaries are on tap at this year’s Cinequest in San Jose.’s Richard von Busack wrote at length about This Dust of Words and Sputnik Mania. I would recommend getting in line early for Mardik: From Baghdad to Hollywood, which shows March 2 and 4 at the festival. This chronicle of the life of one of new [...]

Cinequest 2008—Let the Coverage Begin‘s extensive coverage of Cinequest 2008, running Feb. 27–March 9 in downtown San Jose, can be read here. We’ve got reviews of a big chunk of the films—features, documentaries and shorts—showing at the festival, just about everything that would actually play in our DVDs (some global agency, maybe the U.N., needs to put an end [...]

The Night of the Locust: Oscars 2008

“Whack me with the handsomest bludgeon in town”—Daniel Day-Lewis, mostly.

Fighting off pigeons on the marquee of the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard, ABC correspondents with surreal names watched the drama of the Elect and the Damned on the blood-red carpet below. The famous were allowed to pirouette in their finery; the obscure were [...]

“Daddy Zach”

There are people who regard Lost in Space as the worst thing that ever happened to science fiction television, and yet night after night me and the frau have been captivated by the antics of interstellar yellow-belly Dr. Zachary Smith, played by the one and only Jonathan Harris.

For three seasons in the late 1960s, Smith [...]

Cinequest—From Festival to Feature Release

Cinequest starts its 18th year on Feb. 27 (read’s coverage), so it’s too soon to know which films will separate themselves from the pack and earn a theatrical run. Coincidentally, this coming Friday, one of 2007′s best Cinequest films, the satire Military Intelligence and You, gets its shot at the Lumiere and the Shattuck [...]

Lost: “Eggtown”

What the hell does that episode title mean?

At first, I thought this Kate-centric ep’s title was referring to the freckled hottie’s pregnancy scare from last season—and this ep does resume the soapy “Is Kate carrying Sawyer’s baby?” thread—but according to Lostpedia, an “eggtown” is Depression-era slang for a shitty deal. And oh, was Lost loaded [...]