Nip/Tuck hopes you ready for the next episode

Some really awesome music has turned up on my favorite shows this week. During the latest episode of The Wire, the newly unretired Omar and his older partner, Donnie (played by former stick-up man Donnie Andrews, the real-life inspiration for Omar), chillaxed to R&B oldies like the Temps’ “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” [...]

Wesley Snipes Hunting

Somehow, the Wesley Snipes bank-robber villain in the 2005 Jason Statham/Ryan Phillippe action-pic Chaos (coming out on DVD this month) seems strangely prophetic. Perhaps Snipes’ Lorenz character is masterminding a clever heist because he needs the money to pay off his … back taxes. Yes, Snipes, noted believer in the sky-in-the-pie-chart theory that the income tax [...]

Lolita Amnesia

Stung by criticism that its “Lolita” beds for girls might be sending the wrong message, Woolworths stores have discontinued the scandalous model after parents’ group set up a fuss. (The model was still advertised on a supplier’s website—Lolita—when I checked.) As its excuse, a Woolworths rep claimed to be ignorant of Vladimir Nabokov’s [...]

Carville Bonds With Frist

Perhaps it was too much guacamole and pizza, but did I really see a Super Bowl ad in which Democratic chattering-class member James Carville—looking even more like skeletor than Michael Chertoff—bonds with Republican senatorial quitter and talking head Bill Frist over a bottle (not a line) of Coke and then the two of them proceed [...]

Kicking It—Billy Jack

Long before Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo was disillusioned by his time in Vietnam, there was Tom Laughlin’s Billy Jack (1971). Disaffected by the white man’s ways, the half-Native American ex-Green Beret lives in sagebrush country, protects an alternative school (where bad protest folk songs and psychodrama role-playing are the prestige courses), gets bitten by rattlesnakes to [...]

Lost: “The Beginning of the End”

The Lost season 4 premiere opens with L.A.’s favorite pastime, a high-speed chase. A nattily dressed man whose face is unseen returns home from work to watch a red Camaro outrun the po-po live on TV. He mixes himself a screwdriver.

We know this teaser is a flash-forward because the season 3 finale, “Through the Looking [...]