Sarah Marshall, I Hate Your Billboard

Sarah Marshall, 32, whose street name is “Speed Queen,” was once a member of her high school debate team back in Van Buren, Ind. That was before the voices in her head started to talk to her. She roams the streets at night looking for half-finished fast food, and bottles and cans she can return [...]

In the Site—You Won’t Believe Your Ears


I’m not sure how it ended up in my Netflix queue, but the 2006 Japanese horror film In the Site turned out to be an amazing exercise in disassociative deconstructionist semiotics (probably unintentionally so, but who really knows?). This Koji Kawano feature doesn’t register on IMDB, so I’m flying blind here.

Yakuza and More at Yerba Buena Center

There are too many film festivals in the Bay Area to keep track of these days, but this one caught our attention and wouldn’t let go: Four days of vintage Japanese gangster movies will be screened at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The minifest runs April [...]

Point Break Washes Up Onstage in Bay Area

Go ahead and laugh—many have. But Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 surf-and-robbery thriller Point Break is one of the most purely entertaining movies ever made. In addition to being Patrick Swayze’s greatest role (even better than Road House in the pantheon of Swayzedom), as Bodhi, the wave-riding criminal mastermind; in addition to the great novelty [...]

Last member of the Mighty Marvel Marching Society dies, age 97

Haunting YouTube, I haven’t found the actual video for the Iron Man song circa 1966. In those days, a (highly) limited animation of some of the Marvel Universe characters was broadcast to tragic kids who didn’t realize how shoddy it was. We were dazzled. Even though the famous “Spider-Man” song (c. 1967) appears in the [...]

Lost: “Meet Kevin Johnson”

Welcome back, Walt’s Angry Dad. I didn’t miss you.

And will you keep it down? Stop shouting. Too loud, man, too loud. My St. Pat’s hangover. Still haven’t recovered.

(Spoilers after the jump)

L.A. Dreaming

I’m heading south to the land of my birth, like those diseased looking pinkish-green salmon in the last reel of a nature doc. I’m probably operating out of Pasadena, because I know a clean motel that’s under $80 (the Best Western Pasadena Inn: a coveted 90 percent rating on!). Longtime Los Angeleans will attest [...]

Anthony Minghella Dead at 54

While I was no rabid fan of The English Patient—Michael Sragow put it best, claiming it was a movie about a person who becomes a Nazi collaborator to save a corpse—it’s true that Anthony Minghella‘s best-known films had aspirations for the old, grand era of movies but only postmodern books and scripts to carry these [...]

Bette Davis Eyes

A heads up to fans of Bette Davis. There’s a big retrospective of her early films at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto starting in April, including a number of pre-Code films. It’s all meant to celebrate one of the hardest-working women in show business on her 100th birthday.

Married Life—At Least the Clothes Look Great


Cooper and Clarkson in ’50s drag. (Photo by Joseph Lederer; courtesy Sony Classics)

Married Life snuck into town after deadline (at the CinéArts@SantanaRow and the Century Cinema 16 in [...]