This review of Sleepwalking by Jeffrey M. Anderson came to late for a regular posting at, but maybe it’s better that way. The film opens March 14 at any theater that will have it.

Sleepwalking is an unfortunate title for a movie that appears to be doing just that. Nick Stahl plays James, [...]

Lost: “Ji Yeon”

On the latest installment of Lost, a long-missing 815er finally resurfaces, Jin reacts badly to the revelation of his pregnant wife Sun’s pre-island affair with Jae Lee—but Jin ultimately decides to be the forgiving Silda to Sun’s Eliot Spitzer—and the implied fate of one of the most likable 815ers must have caused shippers of a [...]

Penelope and the Pig-Man

I haven’t seen Penelope yet (must I?) but am intrigued by the pig-nose gimmick. Clearly, this must refer back to the famous pig-man episode of Seinfeld (clip below) in which Kramer discovers a half-man, half-pig in a hospital. This scene in turn, as noted on several websites, pays homage to the human-pig hybrid experiments in [...]

Cinequest 2008 — March 8 Maverick Spirit Awards Goings-On

 Danny Glover at the California Theatre (photo by Felipe Buitrago) 

Hotel Montgomery’s itty-bitty Western Pacific Room was crammed with cameras, boom mics and more than 30 Cinequest and media representatives Saturday afternoon for a press conference featuring Maverick Spirit Award recipients Danny Glover and Bobby Moresco, among others. Cinequest Executive Director Halfdan Hussey gave a [...]

Cinequest Awards Announced

Here we go; Cinequest is over for another year, and here’s how the awards went: Maverick Spirit Award  (Cinequest’s top prize) went to Alan Brown’s Superheroes; about survivors of the Iraq War (happy fifth birthday, Iraq War! You may not have been the best, but you sure are the longest!). First-rate acting in this [...]

Mar 7-9 at Cinequest

To start with today, Sunday, there’s a couple of films I’d like to push: the dreamy horror film Suspension, playing at 10:30am at the Camera 12 (9:30am real time, thanks to the vagaries of daylight savings); I’m happy to hear good reports from those who saw Who is K.K. Downey?, playing again 3pm at Camera [...]

Stand-up Effort—Goodbye Baby at Cinequest

Just coincidentally, I was slogging my was through the DVD of the Spike TV bank-robbery mini-series The Kill Point, starring announced-the-unannounced Cinequest Maverick John Leguizamo, when I realized that the “sexy girl hostage” part was taken by Christine Evangelista, star of the Cinequest feature Goodbye Baby—talk about synchronicity.

In Goodbye Baby, Evangelista plays an 18-year-old who [...]

Cinequest 2008—Party Time with the Filmmakers

Wednesday, March 5, saw a whole host of Cinequest filmmakers converge on the Vault for schmoozing, congratulations all around and a little griping about pesky critics. Photos by Felipe Buitrago.



Arianna DiGiorgi and Jason Goodman of The Eternal City.   






Lost: “The Other Woman”

This week, Lost flashes back to the time when Ray Parker Jr. recorded his biggest pre-”Ghostbusters” hit.

(Spoilers after the jump)

Glory Boy Days at Cinequest

We’ve got two San Jose Rep screenings—March 7 at 7pm and March 8 at 10pm—of Glory Boy Days, Paul Encinas’ locally made story of a group of downtown college-aged pals. Miss these screening and you can also catch the film at the SF International Asian-American Film Fest’s local weekend-long stand, March 22 at 9:15 [...]