Gloria Grahame: Bad Girl So Good

Nice piece in Bright Lights about icon of film noir Gloria Grahame. While the author denigrates her performance in Oklahoma (perhaps because it invalidates the thesis of doom) this is a devoted—perhaps slightly lascivious—account of the career of one of the genuine bad girls. Meanwhile, over at there’s an account of 1952′s The Sniper, a recently rereleased (to [...]

You Only Live Twice Still Masterpiece, Declares Former 11-Year-Old boy

The Simpsons last night referenced You Only Live Twice (in one of those weird boomerang plots that the writers come up with when they don’t have enough material for one episode) with a hollow volcano from where Mr. Burns was trying to launch a missile. My brother, Rodger, and I were nudging each other at Speed [...]

Lost: “Cabin Fever”

I’m going to keep it short because I’m preoccupied with another project at the moment, plus this episode is so remarkable I’ve been rendered speechless. It even resurrected my favorite recurring Lost catchphrase, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” That line is to Locke the one-time preemie/ex-paraplegic/perennial outcast what “B.A.D.: Balls, Attitude, Direction” was [...]

What Would Jesus Do?

Just coincidentally, but maybe not, the documentary Inside a Cult about the Strong City sect of New Mexico airs tonight (May 7) at 10pm on the National Geographic channel—the same day that the AP reports that New Mexico officials have arrested the leader of the apocalyptic coffee klatch. Turns out that leader Michael Travesser [...]

Margaret Seltzer: the girl Herbert Kornfeld

Watch this video and and lament. The girl in question is Margaret Seltzer, who sold a memoir about her hardcore gang banger life in South LA; convinced the New York Times she was a hcgb/in South L.A., and then was exposed as a big fat faker from the San Fernando Valley. Here she is telling [...]

Lost: “Something Nice Back Home”

On Tuesday’s American Idol, Paula Abdul revealed she’s a time traveler when she gave Jason Castro her critique of a performance he hadn’t done yet.

There could only be one explanation for that and other instances of erratic behavior.

She’s been exposed to electromagnetic radiation, and it’s caused her to become unstuck in time and utter creepy, [...]

Up in the Sky—It’s Iron Man!

Tonight’s the night, and Robert Downey Jr. is apparently on the verge of a total career redemption, thanks to Iron Man. The initial review are good, better than good. Here’s what Richard von Busack had to say in his review on (hot off the presses, if that image has any meaning in cyberspace).