Another Tarantino Influence?

Waded through To Please a Lady, a tedious 1950 romance about a race-car driver (Clark Cable) and a high-powered newspaper and radio columnist (Barbara Stanwyck), on the apparently mistaken notion that any movie with Stanwyck in it is worth watching. (Why is this turkey available on DVD while All I Desire and There’s Always Tomorrow [...]

Tumbleweeds blow through the San Jose Mercury’s corridors

The correspondent to Gawker (see here), claims that the San Jose Mercury bit him in the butt for displaying photos of the spiderweb-covered hallways of the once great newspaper. Who knows?  At least he leaves with a final finger of farewell. 

Reporter’s Revenge

Sometimes, even the cheesiest ’50s sci-fi can benefit from some snappy writing. Cast in point gleaned while watching a two-fer DVD of The Giant Claw and The Creature With the Atom Brain. The former features lame special effects—a flying turkey pupper—and pedestrian dialogue. The Creature With the Atom Brain, however, thanks to some attention from [...]

A Spam Poem by The Internet

Lay waste to the doubters. Master the art of deception! Erase the memories of the defeat. Find out what lies beneath. Alter your destiny with one move. Be more protected; take your life-jacket here. Rediscover your intimate life! Don’t put your health at stake. All your nights will be filled with love!  You will [...]

The Other Huston

Most of the reviewers mentioned John Huston when describing Daniel Day-Lewis’ oilman megalomaniac in There Will Be Blood. But maybe the movie would have been better if Day-Lewis had modeled himself on the other family actor, Walter Huston, John’s father.

Witness Huston the elder in The Furies (1950), his last [...]