Everything I know about life I learned from Seinfeld

It just keeps happening, years after Seinfeld went off the air. On Aug. 28, news comes from London that a slice of 27-year-old cake from Princess Di marriage to Prince Charles was hawked at auction for 1,200 pounts (what? about $2,500 dollars).  The auctioneer is quoted as saying, “The slice of cake icing is in [...]

Frame Job

Desperate to find something to watch, I went all Southern Drive-in on my Netflix queue and ordered up 1975′s Framed, directed by and starring the Walking Tall team of director Phil Karlson and Joe Don Baker. How bad could it be? After all, Karlson made a couple of top-notch [...]

Barack Mohammed Sirhan Hussein Obama threatens the universe and God himself: 5 reasons why

Watching the smearing of Barack Obama online has been edifying, and now we have a list of the five most stupid Obama smears of this campaign. Enjoy, if that’s the right word.

Outside Lands Festival: “Take the money and run, take the money and run.”

The Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on Friday (Aug. 22) night taught important lessons: Never invite 5 million people to a party. Ecological festivals means biodegradable cups for $11 glasses of zinfandel. It also means one parked electric car everyone will marvel at, as if it was the display model in a Soviet department [...]

Manny Farber dies, 91

So much of film criticism in 2008 is the blind leading the lame, so the loss of the long-retired but not forgotten Manny Farber is just one more bad indicator, as they say in the financial world. Got to meet the man once; he was hard of hearing and it was a [...]

Delon and Fonda in ‘Joy House’

Days of Delon

It’s been a good summer for Alain Delon; first came a five-film set from Lionsgate (reviewed here), followed by Le Choc as part of Lionsgate’s Catherine Deneuve set (read review). The latest reissue comes from Koch-Lorber.


Everybody Into the ‘Poole’

Henry Poole Is Here

(PG; 100 min.) Squishy drama that compacts three terrible genres: the terminal-illness movie, the leap-of-faith movie and the “lost boy” indie movie about a man in pursuit of his inner child. (Luke Wilson, in the title role, has been pursuing that self-same inner child longer and in more movies [...]

A Corker of a Film—Bottle Shock

(This probably isn’t coming to a theater near you, but just in case)

Bottle Shock

(PG-13; 110 min.) Helicopter shots of Napa, Glen Ellen and parts of Sonoma County are the highlights of this fictionalized comedy about the 1976 French blind tasting that established California wine as an international force. The feuding father-and-son team [...]

Who watches the Watchmen parody?

You, hopefully. The more times you’ve pored over the coming attractions for The Watchmen (bundled on The Dark Knight), the funnier this will seem.

The fat man sings re: The Clone Wars

Since Lucasfilm requested the pulling of Harry “Ain’t It Cool” Knowles’ review from the famous geek website, Knowles’ long wail of outrage isn’t going to be up until Friday. So good thing that HollywoodNewsroom.com posted it, then. For the time being, the text is up here, but they can’t embargo the gist of the thing which is: [...]