New Quantum of Solace poster up!


Breaking News: An Australian hated ‘The Dark Knight’

Here’s proof of this shocking revelation! Rory Gibson, weekend editor of the Courier-Post, a newspaper in a place called Brisbane (not the real Brisbane in San Mateo County, but one they claim to have in the antipodes). Anyway, this so-called Gibson claims he fell asleep during The Dark Knight. He’s not the real film reviewer [...]

Godard is a gasbag and we know this because the NY Times said so.

A post by Ed Howard in the Seul-le-Cinema blog begs to differ, even when faced by the conclusive evidence of Stephanie Zacharek’s review in the New York Times of Richard Brody’s new 700 page book on Jean-Luc Godard. Howard sums up Z’s arguments: “1). Godard’s films became worse after the arbitrary cutoff point of 1967, [...]

It’s Time Somebody Stopped Judd Apatow

SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES  Seth Rogen (left) and

James Franco have fun with dope in ‘Pineapple Express.’


‘Pineapple Express’ goes up in smoke

THE CLASSIC black-and-white Columbia Lady logo turns up at the beginning of Pineapple Express, and you could hope that a Three [...]

Kabluey Thoughts

(Photo credit: Noah Rosenthal)

Big Blue

Kabluey: A likable but strained odd-duck comedy from Texas

Review by Richard von Busack 

JOINING THE ROSTER of oddly named comedies (Zotz!, The Twonky and Phffft), the made-in-Texas indie Kabluey seems inspired by the early Coen brothers. Director, [...]