Year One Review

Citizen Cain
‘Year One’ is better than ‘Wholly Moses’ anyway.

THOUGH IT’S too small for a big screen, Year One’s rigorous close-ups on Jack Black’s face will make this movie play better on TV. The hapless hunter-gatherer named Oh (Michael Cera, the film’s reliable standout), and the second-lowest man in the clan, Zed (Black), are pressured out [...]

Stooges PS:

No, wait, the line up is apparently Penn as Larry and Del Toro as Moe. What the hell is up with that? You’re telling me Sean Penn isn’t angrier than Del Toro?

Sean Penn IS Moe. Jim Carrey IS Curley…

And Bencio Del Toro is either Shemp or Larry, I can’t tell which. But it’s apparently not bullshit, despite how it sounds. And now, 44 years after Godard predicted it during the end titles of Weekend, this IS the end of cinema:

Casting Announcement

The Hangover.

A well-built, good-looking and satisfyingly low comedy with a sturdy silent movie two-reeler plot and the wit to realize that the Three Stooges format is solid gold. A quartet of Southern California types heads to Vegas for a bachelor party. They’re given a backhanded approval from the father of the [...]

Mathew Szymanowski’s History of Solitude aka Historia Samotnosci

May 3 at 9pm: at SFIFF at the Kabuki, part of the Foreign Territories short series: Mathew Szymanowski’s History of Solitude, a.k.a. Historia Samotnosci. You wouldn’t go to Poland expecting it to look almost exactly like the United States, but that’s the trick this talented Santa Clara-raised expatriate filmmaker plays in this 32-minute short. Essentially, [...]