Cinequest Best Bet, Bone Man, Feb. 24

The Bone Man

(Germany; 121 min.) Already a sensation in Germany and Austria, this third film adaptation of co-screenwriter Wolf Haas’ Simon Brenner detective novels is a dark, club-footed waltz between old and new Europe. Circumstances reduce hangdog ex-detective Brenner (Josef Hader) to chasing a stolen VW Beetle into a seedy Bratislavian resort with a sinister [...]

Cinequest Critic’s Pick for Wednesday, Feb. 24

Top pick for Wednesday (Feb. 24) at Cinequest is a fascinating documentary about, of all things, military cuisine. It shows tonight at 6pm at Camera 12
in San Jose.

Cooking History

(Slovakia et al.; 88 min.) Ever find yourself waiting in a dentist’s office thumbing through a New Yorker magazine, when you get sucked into a seemingly uninteresting [...]

Cinequest 2010: The Good Heart, as seen by the blackhearted media.

“No one is going to tell you what to think about these movies”–Halfdan Hussey, on stage at the California Theatre last night.

Oh yeah? I am the dreaded media, and I shall tell you what to think! Do my bidding!

Filthy weather last night–a nasty spitting drizzle–but a good crowd outside the California Theatre under the klieg [...]

Cinequest: It begins....

Ready or not: Thirteen days of film in downtown San Jose start tonight, at the California Theatre with The Good Heart. Regular screenings start tomorrow. After party at the E & O Trading Co; see you there.

If you’ve ever wondered about Icelandic literature, and you run out of things to say to director Dagur Karl, you [...]


Sweet Grass

Gonna be writing about  this at length, and we’ll have the review up anon, but Sweetgrass is one of the films you might want to run out and get a Cinequest ticket for right away. It’s playing early on in the fest, Feb 24 and Feb 26; a documentary of such visual stunningness that [...]

Strigoi at Cinequest

More on this later, but I was most pleasantly surprised by “Strigoi,” a British vampire comedy that is as dry and amusing as a fine martini. This very accomplished film is, surprisingly, the first effort by director Faye Jackson. The action takes place in a small Romanian village, where a young man, conveniently named Vlad, [...]

The Good Heart, Cinequest opener

Looking forward to the opener at the California Theatre Tuesday Feb 23: first off because The Good Heart is another marker in the history of booze-soaked cinema (top 5 being, at this writing Barfly [no matter what intrepid tavernaut R. Meltzer thinks about it], Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth, Cry Danger,  Leaving Las Vegas and uh, [...]

Cinequest: a man about a dog

Got a message from Timothy Plain, who urges one and all to see his short Man’s Best Friend at the Comedy Favorites Shorts Program at Cinequest. He and pal Jake Grand shot it in San Fran for two grand, and it concerns a man who learns to love again—love his dog. Of the shorts I’ve [...]

Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority

Beware: The new documentary “Patsy Pink: Ahead of the Majority” will make you fall in love with a dead congressperson. It’s Kimberlee Bassford’s profile of Maui’s Patsy Takemoto Mink—multi-time Hawaiian representative and first woman of color to be elected to the House. Mink was an ardent progressive who was responsible for Title IX—the law that [...]