Nancy Kwan at Cinequest

Nancy Kwan, star of “Flower Drum Song” and “The World of Suzie Wong” appeared in person at Cinequest over the weekend for two screenings of “To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey,” a new documentary about her life and work. On the right she poses with Cinequest’s Halfan Hussey (left), Kathleen Powell and director [...]

Cleanflix at Cinequest

Tonight’s best bet is definitely “Cleanflix,” a surprising documentary. At first, I thought there would be no trouble looking down my nose at the Mormon entrepreneurs who wanted to take the sex and violence out of DVD releases of Hollywood hits. How dare they invade the sacred artistic decisions of film directors? Admittedly, some of [...]

Terry Zwigoff Is The Anti-Chopra

Happy news that a gen-u-wine maverick is coming on Friday to the Day of the Writer; unto us is delivered Mr. Terry Zwigoff, who will be put to the questions by James Dallesandro. Zwigoff—interviewed here in 2001 and here in 2006 by moi—is pretty much the most distinguished filmmaker in San Fran, with two documentaries [...]

Cinequest Mar 1

These quieter days are the best ones for the festival, as far as networking goes. The program today includes: The Days of Desire (12:30, Camera 12), which promises Bela Tarr-style Hungarian angst in a film that, synopsis-wise, sounds like The Maid.

One of Charlie Cockey’s picks, Border (4pm, Cam 12) concerns an incident of a buffalo [...]