Married Life—At Least the Clothes Look Great


Cooper and Clarkson in ’50s drag. (Photo by Joseph Lederer; courtesy Sony Classics)

Married Life snuck into town after deadline (at the CinéArts@SantanaRow and the Century Cinema 16 in Mountain View) but reviewer Jeffrey M. Anderson was there:

Married Life

(PG-13; 90 min.) Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams look great in their 1950s period clothes and cars and living rooms, but if not for that Married Life probably would have had much of a look at all. Writer/director Ira Sachs and co-writer Oren Moverman throw in alternating moments of quirky black comedy, relationship melodrama and attempted Hitchcockian suspense, but none of it meshes. Harry (Cooper) is seeing a mistress, Kay (McAdams), and decides to kill his wife, Pat (Clarkson). Meanwhile, Harry’s best friend Richard (Brosnan) has also fallen in love with Kay. Other twists, such as the fact that Pat is also having an affair, seem shoved in, and the multiple endings suggest that no one ever really knew what this movie was about. (JMA) 

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