Edward G. Robinson Explains It All

KFJC-FM 89.7′s may fling is called Mayhem (which runs through May 19 at the Los Altos station), which is when the DJs play whatever they feel like. I keep the station glued to it, even if some of the programs are a little greater in concept than they are in practice. A program on “Pretty Polly,” one of the most deathless of murder ballads, included interviews with Greil Marcus and more versions of “Pretty Polly” than I thought could have been recorded. I listened for about an hour until my spine got too chilled to take it any longer. Right now they’re playing some old Lux Radio Theater dramas, which seems to have had the pipeline into Warner Brothers. I didn’t catch the title, but it was Edward G. Robinson, Bogart and Mary Astor in an urban melodrama; afterward Cecil B. De Mille was interviewing Robinson, asking him if he minded being the villain who gets killed every time: “I don’t mind being bored by bullets, as long as I don’t bore the audience.” Nice!

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