Square Pegg in a Round Movie


Pegg enjoys dinner with Megan Fox—who wouldn’t? Photo by Kerry Brown 

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

(R; 110 min.) Simon Pegg stars as Sidney Young, a scrappy, abrasive British entertainment journalist who is invited to join the staff of a big time New York magazine, run by hardass Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges). Once there, he becomes obsessed with a rising starlet (Megan Fox), while slowly falling in love with his more humble co-worker (Kirsten Dunst) and bungling every story and scheme he tries. Working from Toby Young’s memoir, director Robert B. Weide layers good, broad, dry jokes onto the bones of a traditional Hollywood plot arc. Pegg proves himself an adept leading funnyman; he’s more concerned with nailing the laughs than building a character, but perhaps that’s for the best since Sidney, after all, is supposed to lose friends and alienate people. (Jeffrey M. Anderson) 

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