Gotta Love the Title


 Not every film at Cinequest has to be a meditative chronicle of a doomed relationship or a cry of help for the oppressed of the world. There’s room for a good old-fashioned gore fest, as Metro reviewer Steve Palopoli writes about …

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf   

(U.S.) This geeky postmodern take on the samurai film is not so much a pastiche of psychotronic swordfight movies as it is a pastiche of Quentin Tarantino’s pastiche of those movies. In fact, it’s so much like Kill Bill—right down to the black-and-white flashbacks—that even some of its fans are likely to wonder what the point is. But this modern-day story of a blind Japanese swordsman who has to battle the big boss’s assassins on his quest for revenge takes itself less seriously—as in, not at all. One of the random bits of narration, for instance, lets us know: “He was an ordinary man. Happy marriage, happy family. A nightmare riding on the desert winds would change it all.” That’s about the tone of the whole thing, and it’s too hammy and silly sometimes. But the over-the-top violence, gore and general sleaze are pretty damn entertaining. Triple impalements, exposed intestines and geysers of blood from severed limbs abound. Writer-director-producer-star Kurando Mitsutake had a small role on TV’s Heroes, as White Beard. He seems to be having a lot more fun here, and it’s pretty infectious. (SP)

Feb. 27 at 11:30pm at Camera 12 and March 3 at 9:30pm at San Jose Rep.


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