Cinequest for March 4

Tonight’s best bet is definitely Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman, a documentary about the religious rocker. It shows at 9:30pm at Camera 12.
Read Richard von Busack’s review at

Tonight is also Kevin Pollak night, 7pm at the California Theatre. In a interview, Pollak reminisces about his early stand-up days in the valley.

Also of interest is the long two-part Historia Extraordinarias

(Argentina) This long two-parter (a little over two hours for each half) by Argentine director Mariano Llinds charts the seemingly unrelated stories of three nondescript characters (so nondescript, they are named, a la Kakfa, by letters of the alphabet). In leisurely fashion, we learn about a man who comes into possession of a dangerous dossier connected to an infamous crime; a bureaucrat who stumbles into the obscure animal-smuggling ring of his predecessor; and a man hired to photograph the remains of a failed water-development project. The tales are mostly narrated, with only snippets of dialogue here and there. In a sense, the film is like reading a discursive novel (an effect doubled by the non-Spanish speakers needing to read the subtitles rather than just listen to the narrator). To avoid the inevitable question “Why couldn’t I stay home and read the book?” Llinds varies the visuals considerably, sometimes using tracking shots, sometimes assembling rapidly changing stills like a computerized slide show and sometimes ratcheting between color and black-and-white and playing games with sound effects and music. The air of knowing yet coy mysteriousness (“We will learn more about X’s adventures, but first we must tell you about what H was up to at this time …”) keeps pulling you along, although the payoffs to the three stories aren’t exciting enough to justify the equivalent of two full feature films. Animal lovers beware, the second half begins with a scene about a dying lion that may be hard to take. (MSG)
March 4 at 7:15pm, both at Camera 12.

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