Wesley Snipes Hunting

Somehow, the Wesley Snipes bank-robber villain in the 2005 Jason Statham/Ryan Phillippe action-pic Chaos (coming out on DVD this month) seems strangely prophetic. Perhaps Snipes’ Lorenz character is masterminding a clever heist because he needs the money to pay off his … back taxes. Yes, Snipes, noted believer in the sky-in-the-pie-chart theory that the income tax is illegal, immoral and fattening, was just convicted of misdemeanor charges of failing to file returns and ordered to pay up to the tune of millions. I doubt if the returns from this low-rent version of Inside Man will cover the tab, but the DVD does provide some insights into why Reese Witherspoon was glad to get rid of husband and “world’s stiffest actor” Phillippe

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