Terry Zwigoff Is The Anti-Chopra

Happy news that a gen-u-wine maverick is coming on Friday to the Day of the Writer; unto us is delivered Mr. Terry Zwigoff, who will be put to the questions by James Dallesandro. Zwigoff—interviewed here in 2001 and here in 2006 by moi—is pretty much the most distinguished filmmaker in San Fran, with two documentaries and two feature films, most recently Art School Confidential (left). Originally a cartoonist, Zwigoff’s coming down as a benefit for PETA; it’s a cause he’s been involved with ever since Funny Aminals comics in 1972, also the source for the prototype of Maus by Art Spiegelman. His heartily misanthropic cinema cancels out the feel-good blather of Deepak Chopra, whom Cinequest is giving talking room tomorrow night at the California Theatre. I’d be there, but I’m far too naturally high.

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