Solitary at Cinequest

If Memento were redone for the Lifetime network, it might come out something like Solitary. The puzzle-thriller plot follows a familiar trajectory of doling out little clues that ultimately are of no use in determining what’s really going on; the only way to do that is to stick around, let everything play out and find out what twist the writer came up with for the end. Whether it’s the none-too-subtle birdcage metaphor at the beginning, or the way everyone … talks … like … this, it’s obvious that there’s something wacky going on with this story of a woman who can’t leave her house without having a panic attack. When her husband says, “Nothing is going to happen, I promise” that’s when you know for sure something’s going to happen, and sure enough he disappears. A mysteriously locked spare room; lots of meaningful looks and cryptic exchanges with friends, police and therapists who show up at the door; and that spooky, spooky music all serve as constant reminders that All Is Not What It Seems. It’ll make you want to keep watching, but Twilight Zone used to pull this stuff off in a quarter of the time. (Steve Palopoli)

Solitary plays March 5 at 9:45pm at Camera 12.

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