Critics on Film

Do I remind you of Pauline Kael?

Not, mind you, critics talking about films (or TV) but representations of film critics in films.

I finally caught up with the (to me overwrought) two-part finale of Monk (on DVD, spared the endless commercials). One of the characters (played by Alona Tal) turns out to be a gorgeous young (maybe 26) film critic for the “East Bay Chronicle.” She reviews movies for the paper even though she lives in Monterey (which the TV show laughingly mentions is a mere 30 minutes away). No word on exactly what screenings she’s getting in Monterey that allow her to meet an “East Bay Chronicle” deadline. Is she competing for Mick LaSalle’s job? Did she call “The Blind Side” a must-see for guilty white liberals? Alas, none of these hard-core questions is answered.

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