Know your post mumblecore movements!

Know your movements:

Stumblecore: director, cast drunk during entirety of shoot.

Numblecore: cast novicaned by oral surgeon to prevent artificial show-offy acting.

Dumblecore: At least 75% of the cast–this is audited–must be mute from birth. Up and coming indie-film movement in the Winston-Salem area, with at least two directors involved.
A third, Mike Duplotz, was manifestoed out of the movement when he tried to bend the rules by hiring an actor with a bad speech impediment in his 2006 film HI, MY NAME IS STEEEPGHHHUIIN.)
Lumbercore: Oregon-based regional variation of numblecore.
Dumbledorecore: slash fiction film of Harry Potter stories filmed on microbudgets (Woodrow Wilson Elementary as Hogwarts, Ace Hardware store flashlights as wands.)
Coreycore: Indie film movement emulating the cinema of Feldman and Haines. (Though extinct, but one disputed sighting at the Saskatoon Film Festival, 2008).
Kore-ida core: sad Japanese family must be included in every film

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