Movie Vehicles at Cinequest 2008

They often call movies “vehicles,” and the point was driven home Friday evening (Feb. 29) on Day 3 of this year’s Cinequest film festival in downtown San Jose. For the premiere showing of  Sherman’s Way, a comedy about a California road trip in a classic MGB convertible, some cherry examples of the lead roadster converged on downtown San Jose. (By the way, Sherman’s Way is not to be confused with the art-house documentary hit of 1986, Sherman’s March, by Ross McElwee, a film that needs reviving.) Read a review of Sherman’s Way.img_7481_lr.jpgSherman’s Way’s director Craig Saavedra with cast star Michael Shulman and a fleet of MGBs the night of the world premiere.

Saavedra drives up with Shulman in a classic MGB. Photos by Felipe Buitrago.img_7470_lr.jpg

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