Cinequest, 2008 – Who Likes Short Shorts?

Soft: Shorts Program 4 StandoutPhotobucket

Director Simon Ellis’ short film Soft was surely the favorite at the March 1 screening of Shorts Program 4: Signals, Noise and Silence at Camera 12. The most powerful film of the bunch, Soft had audiences members yelling enthusiastic “woots” when the film’

s main antagonist finally got a cricket bat to the back of the skull. It was impressive to see the amount of profoundly intense and honest emotion Ellis was able to fit into the 14-minute character-driven short.

The film’

s story concerns the relationship dynamics between a father and son, both tormented by a group of violent hoodlums. With a moving, complete little plot, effective storytelling and magnificent acting, Soft is the type of short that sticks with you.


Filmapalooza – Winning Shorts from the 48 Hour Film Project, part 2C

Their mission, which they chose to accept, was to make an entire film in 48 hours, from conception to editing.

Results were mixed, but the amount of variety and creativity that emerged from the 15 short films shown at Saturday’

s Filmapalooza part 2C at Camera 12 was quite impressive.

Filmmakers from 63 cities were given a genre, character, prop and line of dialogue at the beginning of one weekend, and exactly 48 hours later had to submit a finished movie to the project, containing all four.

Directors had to pull together all their resources within the designated 48 hours, including scriptwriting, rehearsing, shooting, editing and rendering.

Tuesday’s offerings ranged from the silly (Des Moines’ South Side Studio’s Reno 911-esque City Cops) to the serious (Tampa’s Viva La VHS cop-drama Unspeakable) to the downright odd (Baltimore’s Family Cave’s Blood Money, a short concerning people who spontaneously explode.)  

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