Cinequest 2008—Party Time with the Filmmakers

Wednesday, March 5, saw a whole host of Cinequest filmmakers converge on the Vault for schmoozing, congratulations all around and a little griping about pesky critics. Photos by Felipe Buitrago.




Arianna DiGiorgi and Jason Goodman of The Eternal City.   







 Straight outta Colorado: Marty Lindsey (left), writer and director of Suburban, poses with Jason Steyaert, associate producer of Folly of Two.












Folly of Two creators Miles Hubley (left), Michael Steiner and Tom White.



 The gang behind hit Who Is K.K. Downey?: (from left) Kieran Crilly, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver, Brandi-Ann Milbradt, Dan Haber and Darren Curtis. 


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