It’s Time Somebody Stopped Judd Apatow

SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES  Seth Rogen (left) and

James Franco have fun with dope in ‘Pineapple Express.’


‘Pineapple Express’ goes up in smoke

THE CLASSIC black-and-white Columbia Lady logo turns up at the beginning of Pineapple Express, and you could hope that a Three [...]

Step Brothers — Sibling Rivalry

Step Brothers
(R; 98 min.) Crisp, well-written and satisfyingly crude high-concept comedy sort of based on The Parent Trap. It has the usual livery of a Judd Apatow comedy: the ’80s references, the thrift-shop T-shirts, the general air of spoiled male folly. But the film moves faster than usual; maybe the Jon Brion soundtrack seems to [...]

Sarah Marshall, I Hate Your Billboard

Sarah Marshall, 32, whose street name is “Speed Queen,” was once a member of her high school debate team back in Van Buren, Ind. That was before the voices in her head started to talk to her. She roams the streets at night looking for half-finished fast food, and bottles and cans she can return [...]