Everything I know about life I learned from Seinfeld

            Again, Seinfeld comes through for those who need context and understanding of current events. A lot of the discussion around the financial meltdown concerns the massive risks that bankers and lenders took, and why they didn’t realize that those risks were getting out of hand.

            Sound familiar? Remember [...]

Ancient Seinfeld reference uncovered

Lindsay Anderson and Larry David—Separated at Birth? 

My theory that everything in real life occurred in the fictional universe of Seinfeld first took a strange turn the other night as I watched Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 youthful-rebellion classic If … with Malcolm McDowell.

After the [...]

Everything I know about life I learned from Seinfeld

It just keeps happening, years after Seinfeld went off the air. On Aug. 28, news comes from London that a slice of 27-year-old cake from Princess Di marriage to Prince Charles was hawked at auction for 1,200 pounts (what? about $2,500 dollars).  The auctioneer is quoted as saying, “The slice of cake icing is in [...]

Seinfeld reference strikes again

I swore I wasn’t going to keep track of any more “life imitates Seinfeld” moments, but I can’t help myself. A follower of this blog alerted me to a prime example. In the ongoing farce-trial in Oakland of Hans Reiser, accused of murdering his wife, the prosecution got the defendant to admit [...]

Penelope and the Pig-Man

I haven’t seen Penelope yet (must I?) but am intrigued by the pig-nose gimmick. Clearly, this must refer back to the famous pig-man episode of Seinfeld (clip below) in which Kramer discovers a half-man, half-pig in a hospital. This scene in turn, as noted on several websites, pays homage to the human-pig hybrid experiments in [...]

Go With the Stanford Low Flow

I stopped watching Seinfeld reruns after I’d seen every episode at least 10 times. But the Seinfeld moments keep coming. Recently, for instance, students at Stanford revolted against new low-flow shower heads in their dorm rooms. Forgetting for any thoughts of being environmentally conscious, think back to the Seinfeld “Shower Head” Episode of 1996. [...]