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Holty Matrimony

'TIL DEATH DO US PARTY: Gary Holt of Exodus gets hitched at Avalon this weekend, with an all-star metal guest list.

METALLICA, SLAYER and Anthrax are playing together right now, along with Megadeth, as part of the "Big Four" thrash shows that may be the biggest metal concerts ever. And believe it or not, members of all three bands will be in the South Bay this weekend—but not to play. Instead, they'll be at the wedding of Gary Holt, lead guitarist for Exodus, sometimes referred to as the fifth member of the Big Four. And where else would a Bay Area thrash-metal icon want to hold his wedding but at the Avalon Nightclub in Santa Clara? Oh and he's bringing a bunch of metal bands to play, including his own band Exodus, legendary thrash band Heathen and members of Death Angel. The guest list for the wedding is like a who's who of heavy metal; some of Holt's friends expected also include members of Faith No More, Primus, Testament and Machinehead. It begins at 2 o'clock and is for invited guests only. But at 5:30, the doors open to the public and the bands start playing. There are nine bands total. Perhaps the highlight of the evening will occur after all the bands have finished playing. According to promoter Mike Beard, they've allotted time for an open jam session. With all those musicians and big names in the building, there's no telling what will happen. All proceeds go to pay for the wedding.


Avalon, Santa Clara

Saturday; 5:30pm; $25

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