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La Santa Cecilia

NORTH BY NORTHEAST: L.A.'s La Santa Cecilia performs with the South Bay's up-and-coming Latin hybrid acts at the Pagoda Saturday.

EAST L.A. MEETS East San Jose and East Bay this week when La Santa Cecilia plays the Pagoda supported by up-and-coming NorCal acts. After coming together five years ago with a fresh hybrid sound and an uncompromising DIY ethic, La Santa Cecilia suddenly find themselves one of the hottest bands in the L.A. underground. Their music blends traditional Latin genres with rock, ska and jazz, with their five-piece instrumental section led by guitarist Gloria Estrada and accordionist Jose Carlos giving a fast, aggressive edge to songs like "La Negra," "Vengo" and "Chicle." Meanwhile, vocalist Marisoul swings between power and mystery in her delivery. They're well-matched at this show by Tokeson, a forward-thinking take on Cumbia formed from cumbia punks Fuga and the well-known La Colectiva. They mix Columbian cumbia with rock, funk, punk and reggae. San Jose's Raul Y Mexia, featuring the latter electro-Spanglish MC from East San Jose, and Oakland's El Kool Kyle round out the bill.

The Pagoda

Saturday, Oct. 1, 9:30pm


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