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CHURCH OF ROCK: Vacant Churches performs at the new performance space at San Jose Rock Shop Saturday.

SINCE 2008, David Nevin has been running San Jose Rock Shop, which specializes in custom modifications of guitars and amplifiers. It's a two-story building with 17 practice spaces upstairs, ranging from $275 to $800. Local bands like Beerijuana, Case in Theory and Zed hone their chops there.

The Rock Shop takes orders for professional repairs and customization. They offer guitar and drum lessons, taught by John Ortiz and Jeff Ortega. Nevin says the Rock Shop also wants to focus on providing the materials for professionals to beef up their sound quality. If that also requires a custom guitar, they have their own woodshop.

"Here we can do heavier cutting, guitar molding, repair and finish work," he says.

The Rock Shop's latest venture is providing a venue for all-ages shows. The first floor has an indoor parking lot, where a small stage has been built. Showgoers enter through the back door, and at the end of the show, a huge rolling door on the side becomes the exit.

"We're working to try to make it a regular thing, as soon as we get some of the logistics and legalities out of the way. For now, we're just doing local events and keeping it as communal as possible," Nevin said.

With that in mind, local punk band Vacant Churches will be hosting their album release party on Nov. 12 at the Rock Shop. Last Hour is their first album with their new drummer, and they've never sounded better. With haunting melodies, driving beats and a crunchy edge, their music is a reflection of their philosophy: Just be yourself. Also on the bill is Sad Boy Sinister and Culo A Boca.

Vacant Churches

San Jose Rock Shop

Sat., Nov. 12

9pm; $8

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