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NEW NEW WAVE: Sorrows in their early-'80s heyday. Though their albums fell through the cracks the first time around, the cult favorites are back with a reunion show at Blank Club.

OUT OF nowhere comes the return of a nearly forgotten band from the age of power-pop. NYC's Sorrows got their start on the legendary indie Bomp Records (best known for putting out the Modern Lovers, Devo, Iggy, the Germs and many others). But by the time they signed to a major label and released their new wave debut, Teenage Heartbreak, in 1980, music fans were drowning in a sea of skinny ties, and their record didn't make a dent. Wearing their love of the Beatles on their sleeves, Sorrows soldiered on for one more record, then disappeared into cult-music history. Suddenly last year, they were back, with Bomp putting out a reworked version of Teenage Heartbreak called Bad Times Good Times, and the band reuniting for a run of reunion shows.

The Blank Club

San Jose

Sunday, 8pm; $7.

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