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New metal band showers Callahan's with lewd sounds, cereal and toys

By Matt Koumaras

NEW METAL BAND Hekla headlined Callahan's Jan. 7 and performed an NC-17-rated concept play. Act I consisted of a debutante humping a cross while thinking of God. Act II consisted of getting pregnant by Satan and embracing suicide as a savior. Act III involved a bib-worthy, Carrie-like prom-queen rebirth. Plus, the band threw out tons of toys (thanks for the Viewmaster!) proving that sometimes Satan is just as nice as Santa. On "Serial Killer," the smart-ass band threw out cereal with what appeared to be milk--although it didn't taste like it. Any show that is half Carcass and half Gallagher is full-on entertainment.

This was the first show I've seen of Ominum with Krissy on guitar. To say I was amazed would be a severe understatement. The band's songs are so tight now, and the lightning-fast dual-guitar leads truly take this band to a higher plane. Andy pumped out pulpy, thick metal shards on bass while his passionate vocals on "The Map" should make everyone want to become a Viking, change their name to Sven and view every new person met as potential midnight-sacrifice material. Kevin invented what sounded like triple bass-drum pedal rhythms while delivering possessed, hell-on-earth vocal grunts. Bill's elemental guitar hung 10 on many aliens on "The Insect" while Krissy and Kevin's manic question-and-answer bellows were awesome.

Fifth of Pist opened and played angry punk in the MDC/ODFX vein. The guitarist unleashed a meaty freak-of-nature sound, while the drummer absolutely shredded while sporting a Dwarves "Blood, Guts and Pussy" shirt, which will always generate a positive review. (Did you hear that, Joe Sharino?)

Merlin Walks the Plank

Free Radio Santa Cruz DJ Merlin needs your help. While doing an interview with Live Wire on Jan. 4, Merlin said some derogatory things about lesbians and the porn industry. The radio station received complaints from a few offended parties, and Free Radio's management (yes, even pirate radio has management) fired him Jan. 10. Merlin doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and it was most likely that King Cobra was holding court when he said those stupid things. As Free Radio Santa Cruz's only local DJ who cares about local musicians, Merlin makes Santa Cruz bands feel as if they are important. Plus the streets of Santa Cruz are a lot safer with Merlin on the radio than sitting on a bench and chanting "Owner of a Lonely Heart" to every passerby. Call Free Radio Santa Cruz's voice mail at 427.4523 and tell them to bring back Santa Cruz's biggest, most engaging radio personality.

Blatant Self-Promotion

Community TV's Clay Butler and Peter McGettigan have done it again. These cinematic aces have shot many great videos for Streetlight Records, including Good Riddance, P.A.W.N.S., Slow Gherkin, Herbert and Pansy Division. But their work with a glammed-out Exploding Crustaceans at the Catalyst for "Streetlight Presents" is truly their Ishtar and should get Morton Marcus soon holding seminars at the Nick about this impressive work of art. Check it out on Channel 71 Friday and Jan. 28 at 8:30pm.

(Editor's note: Matt Koumaras imagines that he will achieve rock stardom as a member of Exploding Crustaceans.)


Friday at Callahan's, Sin in Space, Sweet Nothing and moonlife; the Forgotten, Schlep and Exploding Crustaceans play Callahan's Saturday; also Saturday, Pulley, Anti-45, HBA, Blatant Ridicule and NME are at Oddfellow's Hall (122 Race Street, San Jose) at 6pm.

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From the January 12-19, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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