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Junk Sick Dawn transcends a Catalyst lineup; Real Sex gets down and dirty

By Matt Koumaras

Junk Sick Dawn's transcendental tapestries made sleep not an option Jan. 20 at the Catalyst. Tait (dressed impeccably in Huggy Bear streetwear) and Russ' noise-savvy guitars stamped loud bursts of primal bliss far more powerful than being pummeled in the head with galvanized pipe in aisle seven of OSH. "Stop Short" grooved into a mighty overdrive. The leviathan-like open power chords to "Big Dumb Rock Song" were ignited awesomely by Tait's witty vocal lead-in.

Live Wire confidently holds a metallic coat of arms as Santa Cruz's most promising metal band. I dug the trio's breakdown solos--Jeff's nimble bass solo was particularly hair-raising. This band is getting better at a scary rate--maybe Metallica can give them a spare Bammy. Live Wire is also Merlin's second favorite band after Yes. Need I say more?

I don't collect tickets at the Catalyst (although someday I strive to, in addition to making the perfect quiche), but it appeared Dolores lassoed the most fans. This unique band sported a cello and keyboards, but they unfortunately were drowned out in the mix by celestial guitar swoons and sleepy, maudlin vocal laments. The killer lilting melody to "September" should earn the band a presidential dynamic fitness award.

I only caught three songs of Watch It Burn, but I thought I was Watching It Play Lodestar Songs (who, as fate would have it, are close pals). WIB's songs were clean rays of polished punky pop with traces of Hot Water Music. The drummer took a pickaxe and cut up some neat rhythms. The guitarists cranked out steady, twin-quilted harmonies that will compel you to grab the jock slamming in the pit by the Oakleys and say, "It's all good, bro."

Real Sex Goo Goo Plex Demo

Remember when Tipper Gore was bitching about record censorship to Congress? I have a strange suspicion that the acoustic duo Real Sex Goo Goo Plex were in attendance, but instead of listening to her diatribe, they were most likely making lascivious hand gestures to the Gore daughters. This tape is definitely for the strong of hormones--think a hetero Pansy Division with loads of syrupy backing-vocal "oh ohs" that shockingly discuss society's "oh nos." The lambada shuffle to "Fuck My Shoe" is stocked with such lyrical gems as "I'd rather stick my penis in a skunk" and proves morals are for morons. "Binky's Got Blue Balls" is more disarming than being pelted between the eyes by John Holmes at a 3-D showing at the Rio. "Kinky Sex Goddess" humps the steel strings rock-hard and makes my virginal ears bleed yolk. You can't call this band sexist, either, because on "Angie" the band explains how they love to smile at the one they love with "hair in their teeth." As ELO taught me via eight-track, "Loving Is a Giving Thing." I can't even mention the best song here for fear of getting my tainted hand chopped off.


Wednesday (Jan. 26), Sin in Space, Exploding Crustaceans, the What-Nots and Philistine Tent Revival play the Bulkhead Street art warehouse; Friday, The Condition, Salmon, Lost Cause and Delores play Callahan's; also Friday, Lonely Kings, Lodestar and Watch It Burn play the Brookdale Lodge. Wyrm plays the Aptos Club Saturday; Spaceboy, Woodpecker and Hekla play at Callahan's at 8:30pm Saturday.

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From the January 26-February 2, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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