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[whitespace] Bush or Chimp? A Monkey's Uncle

No matter how you look at him, the new 'President' bears an uncanny resemblance to a chimp

By Sarah Phelan

RUMOR HAS it that more cartoonists voted for Bush than for Gore, just because Dubya's face was more lampoonable. As supporting evidence for this frighteningly plausible hypothesis, we offer you www.bushorchimp.com, an online photo gallery that features daily juxt-ape-ostions of Bush and some rather unfortunate chimps. (Well, how would you like it, if it was YOUR picture being compared to Dubya's face?)

All of this might be funnier, if Bush was snatching bananas from tree tops, instead of chipping away at women's rights on his very first day in office. The frightening thing about dangerous people is that they often look avuncular or, in this case, chimplike. So while this website is fun, don't let it fool you into thinking Bush is harmless or cute. He's neither, as we're all about to find out.

Bill Feldspar, who launched the site on Oct. 24, has since lost interest, especially after Freeservers.com took the site down because they said it violated their Acceptable Use Policy. The current proprietor of bushorchimp.com (which recently passed the million-hit point) has included a list of chimp-friendlier links, along with T-shirt options and competitions.

So does King George look and act like a chump, I mean chimp? Judge for yourself .

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From the January 31-February 7, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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