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Sweetheart Deal

Are you and your lover compatible? It all depends upon a name

By Sarah Phelan

THE LOVE Calculator is just what it sounds like: a calculated look at you and your beloved's compatibility--based on your names. Just as you always suspected, your mother's decision to call you Archibald or Stucco Shoebox against the advice of family and friends may end up costing you, BIG time.

The proof can be found at www.lovecalculator.com. First, type in your first and last name, then that of your loved one, hit Calculate and BOOM!

I and my husband of six months only scored 45 percent--along with a warning that the chances of a relationship working out between us were not very big, but possible, if we both want it and are ready to make sacrifices, blah blah blah; still, we must be aware that this relationship might not work out no matter how much time we invest in it. Bummer.

The cool part of this site is that it contains a disclaimer noting that the site has no serious intention whatsoever. And you can pair yourself off with as many names as you want, famous or otherwise. I admit I was a little disappointed when Brad Pitt and I only scored 24, but me and Mel Gibson? A whopping 78 percent.

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From the February 7-14, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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