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Gem Lines

MYSTICAL QUALITIES have always been ascribed to precious and semi-precious stones. In case you're wondering what exactly is going on between you and your favorite ring, here's a basic rundown of some of the most popular stones and their more ethereal attributes.

Diamond: purification, invincibility, perfection, relieves anxiety, protection from ghosts and evil spirits, cure for cataracts, brilliance of light.

Emerald: strength, inner bliss, fertility, aphrodisiac, the life force of the Cosmos, special protection for sailors as a talisman for calm seas. Christian symbology connected emeralds to the most dangerous creatures of hell--the stones were believed to both protect the wearer and be worn by the evil, including dragons. The Holy Grail was said to have been cut from an emerald that fell from Satan's helmet.

Ruby: "Ratna Raj," the queen of precious stones, in India; daring, Divine Love, charity, believed to announce evil omens by changing from red to black, representative of the blood and suffering of Jesus, the stone of the Last Judgment.

Sapphire: immortality, chastity, justice and truth, the spiritual values of humanity, the mystery of the celestial, the light of God.

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From the February 9-16, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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