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Photograph from the Covello & Covello Historical Photo Collection.

EARL WARREN VISITS SANTA CRUZ, 1946. Based on the response to the last few column historical photos, there should be no problem finding out why Earl Warren visited the wharf. We should also be able to learn who those guys are with the governor. These photos from Covello & Covello haven't been printed for more than 50 years, so let's get the record straight ASAP.

Bruce Bratton

PROTESTING THE IRAQ WAR. It's odd how the San Francisco Chronicle's coverage of the San Francisco rally stated in the headline "huge, peaceful crowd," while the Sentinel, in its subhead, said "Police pelted with rocks" and in the fourth sentence told of the police in riot gear. The Chronicle had one sentence about the post-rally trouble in the main article. It put the rest of the coverage of the post-rally clash with police back on page A16. The Chron also used several photos of peaceful marchers; the one San Francisco rally photo the Sentinel used was of the post-rally "splinter group" climbing on top of a cable car. The Chronicle stated in its subhead that 200,000 attended the peaceful protest and added that the police estimated possibly 200,000 while organizers estimated 200,000 to 250,000. On the other hand, The New York Times used 150,000, but our Sentinel says in its first sentence "more than 100,000 antiwar demonstrators." Just odd choices, but it doesn't seem fair somehow.

INCOME TAX TIME. L. Sue Raney, CPA and longtime friend, tells me that by filing our IRS returns electronically, we are freeing up those wonderful agents to do more audits of our wonderful filings. The number of audits has been on the decline for about 10 years, but now with electronic filing those wonderful agents will have more one-on-one time with us, if you catch my drift. None of us has anything to hide for sure, but maybe you know somebody in Cleveland or Aromas who might just care about this.

BEVERLY ROBERTS FANS. Beverly Roberts, who co-starred with Pat O'Brien in China Clipper, the film that opened the Del Mar in 1935 and reopened it in March of last year, can be seen in one of her favorite films, Expensive Husbands, on the Turner Classic Movies channel on Wednesday (Feb. 26), from 3 to 4:15pm. Beverly graced us with her presence at the Del Mar just about one year ago.

KINGDOM OF SHADOWS. Ben Affleck makes a really bad Daredevil, and the rest of the film misses on every count, too. Stay home or go to some peace rally. The Guru doesn't have even the little bit of the humor or fun you hope for; avoid that one, too. They used 7,500 Civil War re-enactors to make Ted Turner's Gods and Generals, and at least it kept them off the streets. G&G is about how well the slaves were treated in the South and how great Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were. It's 3 hours and 49 minutes long and consists mostly of war scenes from the Southern point of view. It's not as good as Turner's 1993 film Gettysburg.

LOU HARRISON CELEBRATION. Leta Miller--musician, teacher and co-author of Lou Harrison: Composing a World--is creating a memorable tribute to Lou Harrison. She's putting together more than 18 presenters who will take part in a sort of "Last Hug for Lou" at UCSC's Music Recital Hall this Saturday (Feb. 22) at 1pm. The Cabrillo Music Festival, Santa Cruz Symphony, gamelans, dancers, poets and videos will all focus on how much Lou meant to us.

NEW LIBERAL RADIO NETWORK? The New York Times on Monday had an article in the business section by Jim Rutenberg about how some wealthy Democrats are working to establish a liberal radio network. It would run about 14 hours daily and, they hope, be picked up by stations across the country. It's an attempt to counter the conservative talk stations. I found this on www.buzzflash.com, which now has 65,000 daily readers and many more hits than that every day; check it out, if you like that liberal sort of thing.

MUSIC HAPPENS. The Santa Cruz Symphony will be playing Beethoven, Ravel and Milhaud on Saturday (Feb. 22) at the Civic Auditorium at 8pm--and on Sunday (Feb. 23) at 2pm at the Mello Center in Watsonville. Charge tickets at 462.0553. That's if you like big bands; for quartets, go hear the Alexander String Quartet play Ravel, Shostakovich and Hi Kyung Kim on Sunday at 4pm. Composer Robert Greenberg will talk about the music before the quartet plays it. Call 459.2159. The concert takes place at the Holy Cross Church.

THIS JUST IN. As of Monday, Sam Farr is scheduled to present UCSC Chancellor Greenwood with a painting Fidel Castro gave to him last year on Carole King's 60th birthday celebration in Havana, when she sang "You've Got a Friend" to Fidel. Sam couldn't legally accept the painting by Cuban landscapist and art teacher Aguedo Alonso, so he's giving it to UCSC to further university ties with the agroecological research and community studies at UCSC. You've got to hand it to Sam; it seems like he's been more active in the last year than he's ever been--and in the proper way, too.

THE SWISS DAIRY BASEBALL TEAM. That historical photo of the 1946 Swiss Dairy baseball team brought out new information, at least for me. Joe Ghio emailed to say that the Swiss Dairy wasn't on the North Coast but at 2250 Mission St., where the Mission Inn is now, across from Fair Avenue and China Station. Because the Coast Land and Dairies property was owned by a group of Swiss, I used to be confused, but I'm not anymore. Joe sez the Swiss Dairy was owned by Henry "Nig" Tagmani, who's kneeling and not in uniform, and his brother, who's standing on the extreme right. Joe can't remember the brother's name right now. Robin Musitelli also responded to tell us that Angelo Musitelli is the fourth from the left in the front row. He was Robin's late husband's father, and her daughter is named after him. He and his two brothers worked for the Highway Department. Anybody have photos of the Swiss Dairy? I've never seen any.

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From the February 19-26, 2003 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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