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This Week
March 7-13, 1996

The Big Story: The botched penile
enlargements of Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein
have drawn scrutiny from state authorities--
not to mention tabloid TV and Howard
Stern. Unfortunately the warnings came
too late for Ron Nance. The Aptos resident
found out the hard way.

Nuz: Disappearing redwoods; recall votes; local poets.

Snooze Alarmist: Nappers of the world unite--you have nothing too lose but your sleep.

Arts & Entertainment
E-Zine Does It: Low-rent online ravings value substance over style, for now.

Notes From the Underground: Redroom's roots rock & roll rumble.

Pissed!: Gummy Grammies.

Bittersweet Parting: Restaurant expands southward.

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