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Notes From the Underground
By Arwen Curry

Co-ops Aren't Just For Hippies:
The kids take one more shot at getting off the streets

YET ANOTHER PROJECT is in the planning stages for an all-ages music club and space in town, and this time the goals are pretty lofty. Fronted by Jeanette Aguilar, a young local musician, the idea is gradually coming into focus. It entails a warehouse-type space loosely based on the operations of the Gilman St. Project in Berkeley, where weekly shows, benefits and other activities take place, funded by the support of many members. In addition, the space would allow zines and merchandise to be sold, bands to practice and visiting speakers to pontificate.

Because Aguilar and her cohorts intend the creation and maintenance of the dream club to be on the level, it's obviously going to involve many hours of research and oceans of paperwork, not to mention a massive dose of community support. There's little doubt in my mind, though, that if the temporarily nameless cooperative does get off the ground, everyone involved will benefit.

If the greater community contributed even a minuscule fraction of the resources at its command, quite a few parents may someday have the satisfaction of knowing where their kids are hanging out at night. If you can donate time, ideas or any other valuable commodity, call Aguilar at 427-1607.

An Unfulfilled Audience

Until we do have a viable venue that's somewhat under community control, local bands will still have to gamble on the police, hoping to squeeze in a set before the nightly noise law goes into effect. Such was the story last Friday night, when The Audience hauled what seemed to be endless loads of equipment to the door of a house-show, only to be informed all the hardware would have to put it back in the car--precious time was up.

Moralyson (as it's currently calling itself), a new band featuring members of the now-defunct Staple, opened up the show with a set of noisy, pretty pop ballads. The sound was unusual in this day and age, reminding me mostly of The Dambuilders, but with definite tinges of Dinosaur Jr. Delicate plucks of guitar strings alternated with loud, cohesive melodies, then faded again into feedback and dramatic mid-tempo drums.

Hurl, out of Pennsylvania, played next--its eardrum-shattering volume was safely appreciated from outside, but it was a pleasure to watch the band's drummer play furiously for the duration of its tight, 10-minute songs. Due to a misunderstanding, the set was excessively long, and The Audience was understandably peeved, but at least this time, the men in blue didn't treat the hosts to any nasty noise violations.


On Thursday, Puke plays at the Asti Cafe (this time for real, 10pm, free, 21 and over.) On Saturday, Dilligaf (with members of One Ton Tow Ball and Writhe) plays at the Asti (9pm). Also on Saturday, Gorehounds and Unsafe play in town (look for fliers). On Sunday, Ignite is supported by Mock and Reliance at the Vets Hall (8pm, $7).

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From the March 13-19, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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