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Space Follies

Making up for past wrongs, one chimp at a time

By Tai Moses

WE GOT some flack for our recent review of BushorChimp.com from both thin-skinned Republicans and simian supporters. We agree with the latter group that the comparison wasn't fair to the primates, so in penance, we bring you www.savethechimps.org.

There are some excellent sites that sponsor chimp adoption programs, but the Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care is one of the most compelling. A recently completed 150-acre habitat in Boynton Beach, Fla., was built entirely through donations to house 21 chimps (and their offspring) who are the surviving remnants of a colony that served as test subjects for the Air Force's space program. When the program ended, the Air Force repaid the sacrifices of the chimponauts by reassigning them to the horrors of biomedical research. Luckily, the CCCC's founder intervened in time to save some of the chimps, who will live the remainder of their lives in peace at the sanctuary.

Prospective adoptive "parents" can toggle through photographs to find their special space chimp. Adopting at the Foster Parent level costs $60 and includes a certificate of adoption and a biography and picture of your chimp, as well as regular updates about his/her life at the sanctuary. The site also has links to chimp news, chimp facts and a reading list. There's even a postcard from Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, praising the sanctuary's work; we think it shows true family feeling.

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From the March 14-21, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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