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Reader's Survey Winners

People & Places

Best Architectural Treasure
Gold--Town Clock
Silver--Cooper House
Bronze--Octagon Museum

Best Cop
Gold--Chief Steve Belcher, SC PD
Silver--Chief Steve Walpole, SVPD
Bronze--Officer Tristan Miley, Santa Cruz Community Services

Best Example of Government Waste
Gold--Campaign Against Marijuana Planting
Silver--Police Departments
Bronze--Homeless Shelters

Best Free Entertainment
Gold--The Ocean
Silver--Downtown Santa Cruz
Bronze--The SC City Council

Best Local Politician
Gold--Mike Rotkin
Silver--Mardi Wormhoudt
Bronze--Peggy Lopez

Best Local Scandal
Gold--Soquel Prostitution Ring
Silver--Pete Katzlberger's Pot Bust
Bronze--Gordon Poole's Fall

Best Local Sex Symbol
Gold--Mr. Twister
Silver--Christina Waters
Bronze--The Town Clock

Best Local Web Site
Bronze--Arts Online

Best Place for Quiet Contemplation
Gold--Any Local Beach
Silver--Henry Cowell Redwoods
Bronze--UCSC Campus

Best Place to Go on a First Date
Silver--West Cliff Drive

Best Place to Impress a Visitor
Gold--West Cliff Drive
Silver--Natural Bridges
Bronze--UCSC Campus

Best Politician to Throw Out of Office
Gold--Walt Symons
Silver--Art Danner
Bronze--Bruce McPherson

Best Silly Local Ordinance
Gold--SC's No Feeding Other People's Parking Meters
Silver--SC County's Teen Curfew
Bronze--SC's No Sidewalk Sitting

Best Teacher
Gold--Adam Sandel, Cabrillo
Silver--Diane Craddock, Georgiana Bruce Kirby High
Bronze--Judy Krovetz, Harbor High

Best Use of Local Tax Dollars
Gold--Museums and Libraries
Bronze--West Cliff Drive

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From the March 14-20, 1996 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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