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Reader's Survey Winners


Best Art Gallery
Gold--Pope Gallery
SC, 427-9780
Silver--Dancing Man Gallery
SC, 426-7150
Bronze--Stiles and Strong Gallery
Capitola, 462-6151

Best Festival
Gold--First Night
Silver--Capitola Art & Wine Fest
Bronze--Capitola Begonia Festival

Best Free Event
Gold--SC Annual Fireworks
Silver--First Night
Bronze--Capitola Art & Wine Fest

Best Local Poet
Gold--Morton Marcus
Silver--Adrienne Rich
Bronze--Maude Meehan

Best Movie of 1995
Gold--The Usual Suspects
Silver--Sense & Sensibility

Best Movie Theater
SC, 426-7500
Silver--Santa Cruz Cinema 9
SC, 457-3500
Bronze--Capitola Theatre
Capitola, 475-3518

Best Museum
Gold--Art and History Museums
SC, 454-0697
Silver--SC Natural History Museum
SC, 429-3773
Bronze--SC Surfing Museum
SC, 429-3429

Best Radio DJ
Gold--John Sandidge (KPIG/KUSP/KZSC)
Silver--Brian Maloney (KSCO)
Bronze--Johnny Simmons (KUSP)

Best Radio Program
Gold--Brian Maloney (KSCO)
Silver--Eric Schoeck (KUSP/KSCO)
Bronze--Wild Bill (KPIG)

Best Radio Station--AM
Gold--KSCO (1080)
Silver--KGO (810)
Bronze--KCBS (740)

Best Radio Station--FM
Gold--KUSP (88.9)
Silver--KPIG (107.1)
Bronze--KZSC (88.1)

Best Theater Troupe
Gold--Central Coast Theatre Works
Silver--Mtn. Community Theater
Bronze--Um ... Gee ... Um

Best Visual Artist
Gold--Robert Irwin
Silver--Eve Levrae
Bronze--Count J. Carlsbad von Asch-Bacher III

Worst Movie of 1995
Bronze--Any Jim Carrey Movie

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From the March 14-20, 1996 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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